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fun home (2019), directed by josh short.

photo by erin x. smithers, wilbury theatre group


Rachael is one of the finest theatrical collaborators that I can imagine.  Her work is simultaneously bold & nuanced, powerful & emotionally rich, thoughtful & electric.  Rachael is a brilliant dramatic actor, but she is without peer in musical theatre performance.  Her ability to interpret any song is world class.  She is a phenomenal teacher & collaborator, & a joy as a human at all times.

Curt Columbus,

Artistic Director, Trinity Repertory Company

Rachael Warren is an extraordinary teacher--one with prodigious technical expertise, as one would expect from a teacher with 20+ years of her own experience as a professional performer.  What sets Rachael apart is her capacious heart & empathy for her students, for the characters they're singing, & for the full arc of the story in each song or musical.  This combination of technical precision & deep empathy creates fertile ground for her students in every studio.  We are so fortunate to have Rachael on our faculty at Brown/Trinity Rep.

Angela Brazil

Director of the Brown/Trinity Rep MFA

Programs in Acting & Directing

Rachael Warren is a singularly gifted singing teacher.  She elevates, demystifies & depressurizes a subject that often begets crippling anxiety.  I have never felt so seen, supported & pushed past my own expectations by a singing teacher.  Her ethos surrounding singing as it pertains to acting, presence & forward-moving, dynamic communication with another human being is nothing short of revolutionary.

Hannah Van-Sciver


I first met Rachael Warren at the Williamstown Theatre Festival way back in 1997 when we were both young artists emerging from school & onto the professional scene.  I was immediately captivated by her voice & her commanding stage presence.  She's one of those singers who sings with their full being.  Her vocal technique & instrument were both incredible, but even more than that she was one of the most captivating singers I had ever encountered.  She seemed to live & breathe the story of any song she sang in ways that you couldn't pull your eyes or ears away from.  It was no surprise to watch her career unfold over the years & see that she performs the same way in whatever she does.  Whatever the role, be it a straight play or a musical, she's a performer who loses herself so completely in the role, you don't see the performance or the actress--you just see the character.

I've had the pleasure of working with her a few times since Williamstown, & more recently the distinct pleasure of watching her work in the classroom.  She attacks teaching with the same full-out spirit with which she performs.  She brings to the table a vast array of real world experience, intellect, technique, critical thinking, passion & humor.  So I see her students get captivated & inspired by her spirit & her teaching--just as I was captivated & inspired by her when we first met. Watching her ignite that same spirit in others is incredibly special, & to me is at the heart of exactly what theatre is about: the power to move people.  Just as she moves audiences, she moves her students & inspires the same spark in them.

Charlie Alterman

Broadway Musical Director

Pippin, Next To Normal, Godspell

Music Coordinator

Zoey's Incredible Playlist, NBC

Rachael Warren has an extraordinary ability! She can take a song and make you forget she’s singing! She is singing, of course....some of the most beautiful, heartfelt sounds to come out of a human. But more than that, she’s opening her heart to you...telling you her innermost feelings...her joy, her disillusionment, her intoxicating outpouring of the song’s meaning to her. The first time we saw Rachael perform was in “My Fair Lady” at Trinity Rep. When she sang “Wouldn’t it be Loverly” we felt as if we’d never heard that song before. We finally understood Eliza’s predicament, her station in life, her struggle. It wasn’t just a sweet song of longing anymore; it was a window into her life and you understood her. That’s takes enormous talent, impeccable training, and complete dedication.  Why wouldn’t everyone want to study with her!!

Richard & Sharon Jenkins

Award Winning Artists

& Directing Team

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