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don't try to make it perfect

make it true

cabaret (2009), directed by curt columbus: mauro hantman & rachael warren.

photo by mark turek, trinity repertory company


When I was 8 years old, I sat in the emptying house of a summer stock musical, unable to leave or let go of the seat back in front of me.  I told my mother,    

"I can do that.  I am going to do that."

In the four decades that have followed, that passion has never diminished.  Musical storytelling simply has a power like no other.  Honoring the form requires not only technical vocal prowess but also a willingness to lay that ability at the feet of a STORY.  In addition to humility, that requires an equal facility with analyzing the text, both musical & verbal, of every song you sing.  Your artistic fingerprint lies in that analysis & your ability to bring it to life.

In my studio we are never in search of a voice other than your own.  Together we will find that voice & make it strong.  We will nurture it alongside your storytelling skills & develop the technical confidence that will allow you to follow your spontaneous impulses in service of the stories you want to tell.

I can't wait to work with you!

If you would like to learn more about my performing & teaching career, click the link below!

SALLY 2.jpg

cabaret (2009), directed by curt columbus.

photo by mark turek, trinity repertory company.


How can i Help You?

a note on pricing:

Always, but especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic & its devastating effect on the arts sector, I offer a sliding scale for those facing financial hardship.  Please contact me & we will work it out.  

we need music now more than ever.

melancholy play: a chamber musical (world premiere, 2015)

directed by liesl tommy: rebecca gibel, rachael warren & mia ellis.

photo by mark turek, trinity repertory company

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